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!! NEW !! - Bluetooth Amplifier


Wiser BA100

Play your favorite music from the smartphone, tablet or computer wirelessly to Wiser BA100, the real high quality Bluetooth amplifier equipped with high fidelity aptX & AAC decoder and incredible 100W audio power in an elegant & compact case.

You can wirelessly control the amplifier as well as the Bluetooth device’s media player through its full function remote control.

The genuine 107W rated power supply ensures the 100W audio output from the advanced digital class-D amplifier. The electronic has also been specially designed to eliminate audio noise commonly found on many similar products.

    *** Available Now! ***

!! NEW !! - Avox INDIO Link


INDIO Link - links internet music to your audio system!!!

Stream music from more than 20,000 internet radio stations and online broadcasts worldwide through INDIO link, an internet radio adapter and play out from your home audio, Hi-Fi, mini-/micro-system, boombox, or even just powered speakers.

Or you can use INDIO link as a DLNA/UPnP adapter to play your favorite music wirelessly from your WiFi device installed with proper applications to the audio system connected to it.

“Easy to use” design - a large and bright 3.5” color display built inside the elegant slimline case, provides clear viewing, a rotary dialer for quick access and preset buttons for easy playing. Moreover, the 29-key remote control and the full function remote control app for Android or iOS devices that’s available for download freely, together provide both short- and long-range remote Operation.

*** Available Now! ***

! ! ! New ! ! ! Avox Spock Charging Speaker Dock for Galaxy Smartphone

Suitable for Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, S2, Note3, Note2 and Note!

Available with EU plug (2-pin) or UK plug (British 3-pin)

Since 01.02.2013 Avox Technology GmbH has released the new Spock for Samsung Mobile units. It's not only offering the known good sound and all the functions of the Kindle version but also has much more flexibility!
On top of the Line-In input connector where you can connect external audio sources like a PC other mobile phones, the user is able to charge and play audio from his docked Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, S2, Note3, Note 2 or Note without buying any additional accessories or further Docks!

This is made possible by a new turn- and exchangeable cradle. Spock comes with cradles for all 6 Samsung units free of charge!

INDIO Grand Internet Audio Receiver


INDIO Grand - Grandiose sound from Avox!

The Indio grand internet audio receiver is Avox's new internet radio with a bright 3.5" color display and 2.1 stereo sound system with subwoofer. Now with vivid colorful station or album art while listening to your tunes, you can effortlessly navigate through the icon based menu system. Listen to over 18,000 free radio stations and endless on-demand content from around the corner to around the world, including NPR, BBC, CBS and more. In addition, get access to premium free music services such as Aupeo, Live365 and Dar.fm.

Now available: Spock GT for Galaxy tablet!


Play your Galaxy tablet with room-filling stereo sound !

Like other Spocks, Spock-GT charges the docked device and serves as a high-quality speaker system. The optional battery pack allows a portable use of the dock! The dock's equally stylish as functional design provides two viewing angles for optimized user experience.
The full range base ported stereo speakers and the powerful class-D digital amplifier provide a crystal clear stereo sound unrivaled by generic android docks.

Ignite Your Music and Video Experience with Avox’s Speaker Dock for Kindle Fire HD / 8.9"


A refreshingly elegant design caters specifically to Amazon’s latest tablets, enhancing your media with a robust room-filling stereo sound!

Avox Technology GmbH, a leading brand of wireless indoor & outdoor audio solutions, announces the technological innovation of the speaker dock for Kindle Fire. The new Avox Spock for Kindle Fire HD is specially engineered for Kindle Fire HD & HD 8.9” with Bluetooth 4.0, A2DP stereo audio and AVRCP remote control.

INDIO Color available now!

INDIO Color – Listen to colorful music right now!

The new INDIO Color, Avox's new child has the probably largest Color-TFT-Display of his class of Internet radio on the market. But there is more it has to offer! Besides all the new features of the later INDIO units it also features more new and amazing stuff like the display of Album-Art and station logo's! It also has a brand-new easy to understand user interface. What about the local weather? Ask your INDIO! It even features stuff like your local weather forecast!
INDIO Color is also available with UK plug now.

Get more details at the INDIO Color page:

New Firmware

Firmware Version: 
  • Networking bug fixes.
  • Center-aligned album art.
  • Support for FLV streams.
  • Added support for Kontron (ICS Advent) USB Ethernet adaptor.
  • Reduce CPU usage for 24/96 FLAC decoding

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